Researcher Engagement Meeting - Co-creating the Future: Research-Intensive Universities in the Age of AI, Regional Alliances, and Knowledge Engagement

As we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of research-intensive universities, it has become imperative to explore the intricate interplay between the impact and influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in research, the opportunities and challenges presented by regional funding and research alliances, and the imperative of fostering knowledge co-creation and engagement with industry, communities, and citizens. 

Hosted by University of Zurich, the U21 Researcher Engagement meeting will maximise the opportunity to bring Higher Education colleagues together face-to-face for the first time in four years. Each institution is invited to send 3 or more colleagues who are engaged in the following U21 Researcher Engagement stakeholder groups, Research Leaders, Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies and the Research Collaboration Group. 

Over the course of three days featuring keynote addresses, panel discussions and workshops, participants will have the opportunity to: 

  • Explore the implications and potential of AI in research, while addressing ethical considerations, responsible AI adoption and its impact on research integrity  

  • Navigate the effective utilisation of European funding and research alliances and identify how U21 members can best position themselves for engagement  

  • Share and learn about harnessing the power of partnerships with industry, communities and citizens to co-create knowledge, engage diverse stakeholders, and drive societal impact through research 

  • Discuss critical issues around fostering a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion across all facets of research  

  • Engage in discussion to re-set the direction of the U21 RE Cluster, ensuring activities are best aligned to support network and institutional responses to new issues and challenges  

  • Explore possibilities for collaborations across the network to support and enhance the capacity of individual institutions to address these issues 

  • Develop relationships and connections with peers from across the network  

  • Develop a deeper understanding of Higher Education in the host country and the strategic priorities and challenges of the host institution. 

 An overview of the programme is outlined below, please note this is subject to change. 

Schedule of RE meeting 2023
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How to register

Registration details have been circulated to the U21 Research Leaders, DDoGS and Research Collaboration Group. Contact if you require the registration link. Registration deadline is 7 July 2023.


This meeting is open to U21 Research Leaders, DDoGS and Research Collaboration Group representatives only.

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