U21 Award Winners: Dr. Miriam Moeller's Impact on Global Education and Student Support

As a specialist in the field of international Human Research Management at the University of Queensland, Dr Miriam Moeller has the chance to work with people from all corners of the globe. Through her extensive research on global mobility and the effects on expatriates' families, coupled with her own personal experiences, she has developed an empathetic and culturally sensitive approach to assist students in navigating the challenges of global experiences.

Teaching Global Perspectives

Dr. Moeller's primary objective in her teaching practices is to equip students with the skills necessary to leverage their degrees in the global job market and effectively manage the complexities of relocating internationally for their career aspirations. Her teaching methods have consistently received high praise from students, as reflected in their positive evaluations of her courses. Students appreciate her innovative and professional delivery style, emphasizing inclusivity and adaptability to diverse backgrounds. Dr. Moeller encourages students to incorporate international experiences into their learning and career plans, fostering a deep desire among students to embrace global perspectives.

Researching Mobility

Dr. Moeller's research contributions have significantly contributed to the field of international HRM. Her research on global mobility and its impact on expatriates' families has shed light on the challenges faced by individuals and their loved ones during international relocations. Her work has garnered international recognition, with the prestigious Academy of International Business commending her assessment approach. Dr. Moeller maintains a sustained publication record, further establishing her expertise and influence in the academic community.

Professor Jenny Dixon, Provost of U21, presenting Dr Miriam Moeller with her award
Professor Jenny Dixon, Provost of the U21 network, with Dr Moeller
Hear from Dr Moeller accepting her award

Building an International Community

Dr. Moeller also co-created and actively leads the Rapid Acculturation Mateship Program at the UQ Business School. This program supports international students in transitioning smoothly from their home countries to pursue postgraduate study and life in Australia. It has been officially institutionalized within the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law at UQ and has engaged over 100 participants. Since its inception in 2014, approximately 2,650 students have benefited from this program. The Rapid Acculturation Mateship Program exemplifies Dr. Moeller's commitment to providing practical support to students and fostering a sense of community among international students.

Dr. Moeller's vision and advocacy align closely with U21's commitment to internationalism in higher education. She goes beyond broadening her students' horizons and actively supports them in acquiring the necessary tools to make international study and work a tangible reality. Dr. Moeller's unwavering focus on cultural literacy, lived experiences, and authentic learning opportunities enables students to become true citizens of the world. Her work exemplifies the values and mission of the U21 network, furthering the cause of internationalism in higher education. Dr. Moeller's recognition as a U21 Award recipient highlights her exceptional contributions and their far-reaching effects on students worldwide.