U21 Early Career Researchers Come Together to Tackle International Issues

U21’s annual Early Career Researcher (ECR) Workshops showcases the cutting-edge research conducted by the network’s community of ECRs. Through a series of workshop sessions promoting knowledge exchange and skills-sharing, networking and cross-disciplinary partnerships, participants have the opportunity to share and learn about international projects, perspectives and approaches to research.

This year’s ECR workshop, hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, addressed the importance and necessity of innovative research and collaboration in paving a route towards a sustainable and resilient future for generations to come. The workshop also focused on developing key research capabilities and skills for a sustainable career in academia.

ECR Workshop 2018

A delegation of nearly 60 researchers from across the U21 network joined distinguished speakers to tackle issues highlighted in the United Nations Sustainable Goals such as climate change, food poverty and environmental ethics. Speakers included Professor Yong Geng (Dean, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, SJTU) and Professor Christoph Stückelberger (Executive Director, Geneva Agape Foundation) and Professor Fujita Tsuyoshi (Director of the Center for Social and Environmental Systems Research, National Institution for Environmental Studies, Japan).

“This was the best meeting I’ve ever attended in terms of systemic awesomeness of the delegates, exposure to exciting out-of-my-comfort zone knowledge and encouragement to think outside the box to fight to make a positive impact on our environment, biodiversity, health, quality of life and food security.”

The next U21 ECR Workshop will be taking place in late 2019. Venue to be confirmed.  For more information please contact Connie Wan