Boosting student exchanges...with U21 balloons!

As part of the University of Amsterdam's Global Ambassador Scheme, a group of UvA students have been promoting the U21 summer school opportunities and the scholarship funding provided by the university.

Amsterdam u21 ambassadors facebook message

UvA recruited 60 Global Ambassadors last year, and alongside receving professional training, and working at International Staff Week, Study Abroad Fairs, and pre-departure meetings, all students took on additional focused tasks. A group of 10 students opted to run U21-focused events to promote the opportunities available for students through the network.

Through a social media and poster campaign, and a pop-up stall on campus, Global Ambassadors offered advice and information to encourage more students to take up an opportunity to travel during their degree.

Student mobility is widely recognised as one of the most important aspects of a truly international higher education system, and enhanced access to opportunities is one of the major benefits of U21 membership.

It's great to see students getting involved and giving back into the university community. Well done to everyone involved in this project!

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Recruitment poster for U21 summer scholarships


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