U21 Educational Innovation - Case Studies

Four areas of focus within Educational Innovation developed following the U21 Educational Innovation Symposium in 2022. Following a call across the network for colleagues interested in participating in themed sub-cluster groups, small pilot groups were established with representative from several geographically diverse member universities.

These groups have been working to develop resources and collaborations to provide leading, innovative support to U21 member universities. Each group has a particular focus:

Learning Spaces and Environments Group - supporting colleagues across the network to share good practice for developing and utilising learning spaces and associated pedagogy to therefore to be at the forefront of international learning spaces development & approaches.

Learning Analytics Group - supporting staff and students to understand how to use learning analytics effectively to aid student learning and teaching staff professional development.

Learning Across the Curriculum through Campus Museums and Art Galleries Group - creating a showcase of innovative responses to the challenges facing research-intensive universities, focussing on the unique opportunities for enrichment of teaching & learning in campus museums and galleries. The group are considering the development of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) through artefacts from U21 Campus Museums and Art Galleries. 

The groups are looking to expand their membership so please indicate below which group you may be interested in joining or nominating a colleague for.

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