The University of Auckland

Founded in 1883, the University is located in the South Pacific harbour city of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city and commercial capital. As well as being the nation’s largest university, it is also recognised worldwide as New Zealand’s leading research institution. It was ranked top university by the New Zealand Government’s research ranking exercise.

It has a cosmopolitan student body of around 40,000, of which nearly 5,500 are international students representing over 100 countries. Its 4,300 staff are recruited internationally. The University seeks to provide students with an education experience which gives them the tools to be competitive in the global employment market, to undertake further study at other leading academic institutions and to succeed and become responsible global citizens. The University has links with over 100 top research-led universities and also over 80 exchange partners around the world with which students and staff can partake in exchanges.

The University’s main campus is located in the heart of the city of Auckland. Along with its other four campuses it adds NZ$4.2 billion annually to the local economy. Teaching and research is conducted in eight faculties: Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Medical and Health Sciences, Creative Arts and Industries, and Science. In addition to the faculties there are more than 30 interdisciplinary research clusters in the University ranging from large institutes to small units, which conduct research in emerging fields that cross knowledge boundaries.

The University also is host to four of the seven national Centres of Research Excellence and participates in two others. The University takes an active role in the strategic development of Universitas 21 and is committed to cementing the network as the benchmark for international alliances. This commitment was demonstrated by the University successfully hosting a symposium and AGM which looked at how Universitas 21 should lead the next phase of internationalisation.