Why join?


U21 is committed to making clear the value of membership for each university in the network, delivering educational and research opportunities, solutions and resources to the network members’ staff and students across the world. 

Realising the value of being a U21 member is underpinned by the contribution to the leadership and development of the network by the members’ Presidents, Senior Leaders and other colleagues, and the active and effective promotion of the network and its activities within each member institution.

By being a member of U21 each university is able:

  • To be part of one of the foremost international networks of research-intensive universities, committed to world-class, internationally-focused higher education and research.

  • To be able to form new international working relationships, tailored to each university’s strategic goals, with other members (in a bespoke combination of network, disciplinary and bilateral arrangements), actively encouraged and supported by U21.

  • To participate in a variety of educational and research initiatives for the member universities’ academics, students and staff in Educational Innovation, Researcher Engagement and Student Experience.

  • To enhance students’ engagement, mobility and employability through internationally-focused opportunities, both actual and virtual and flexible/beneficial multilateral agreements and exchanges, joint PhD arrangements and more.

  • To share best practice and key educational resources and data including access to bespoke benchmarking data, supplied by and shared between members, based on data sources, surveys and other tools agreed among the membership.

  • To work in a respectful and constructive environment with those from very different international educational, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, maintaining the highest professional standards in all staff and student interactions, both face-to-face and online.

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