UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney (the University of New South Wales) has been one of Australia’s leading teaching and research universities and for four consecutive years, and has been ranked as one of the top ten universities in the Asian region by Asiaweek magazine.

After fifty years of dynamic growth, the University tradition is one of sustained innovation, a blend of scholarship and practical realism. UNSW Sydney is consistently ranked as one of Australia's leading research institutions, and has developed a strong reputation in a number of fields including renewable/alternative energy, quantum computing and nanotechnology, taxation reform, information and communications technology, digital media, bio-medical engineering, sustainable development, HIV/AIDS research and social justice and social policy research.

UNSW Sydney is committed to continually improving the educational experience and outcomes for all students. UNSW’s leading researchers are all active classroom teachers - our students are taught by Australia’s very best - ensuring that a UNSW degree is relevant, contemporary and incorporates the latest trends and innovations.

The university also enjoys the reputation of Australia's leading international university and is committed to an international focus, believing that it is critically important to be open to the world through education and research. UNSW has the largest on-campus enrolment of international students, more than 250 partnerships with international universities and academic linkages with leading universities in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. This network of strategic alliances ensures that UNSW Sydney remains at the forefront of innovative teaching and learning and continues to be a key player in the globalisation of research and technology transfer.

UNSW Sydney has three campuses – the main Kensington campus and College of Fine Arts in Sydney, and the Australian Defence Force Academy at UNSW Sydney in Canberra – providing easy access to a wide range of academic, cultural and social activities. UNSW Sydney has over 40,000 students including over 8,800 international students, representing over 160 countries. The university offers over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and works closely with industry, commerce and the professions nationally and internationally to ensure that programs are relevant and in tune with current developments and professional demands.

UNSW Sydney enthusiastically supports U21 in a variety of ways including the provision of U21 Fellowships for both UNSW Sydney academic and administrative staff; the support of student attendance at U21 conferences, symposiums and summer schools; student exchange priority for students from U21 network members: and the support of research collaborations between UNSW Sydney and network members.

Colleagues at UNSW would welcome visits from U21 partners around the world.  Anyone wishing to visit can go to the university's Partner Visit page for more details.