U21 Global Leadership Programme

Global Leadership Programme


U21 Global Leadership Programme

At a time of change and uncertainty for higher education globally, U21 in partnership with Common Purpose will bring together emerging university leaders from their institutions across the world. Over four weeks participants will work with interactive content at their own pace, and also join synchronous, real-time discussions with international colleagues. In this way participants develop their leadership skills, tools and connections needed to adapt and thrive in their respective universities in the future, focusing on two key themes: Thriving in Ambiguity and Complexity and (Building) Resilience in a Rapidly Changing World. This programme ran successfully in November 2020 and will run again in March 2021.  Participants will be nominated by their university to undertake this course.

Participant Testimonies from the November 2020 Cohort

"I have already seen a shift in my questions with colleagues - being more aware of differing points of view. And trying to understand others' core and flex."

"This programme came at the perfect time for me. This time of ambiguity and complexity has required me to pivot my priorities at work and home. The impact of learning more about yourself, what motivates you and how your react to life events was powerful."

"Whether it's Covid-19, another pandemic or a digital virus, an environmental crisis, civil unrest, or the slow creep of social issues in our society, the ambiguity and complexity is almost certain to continue and surviving it will not be enough. We need to learn to thrive in this new "normal" environment and find ways to make the most of the opportunities that ambiguity can bring." 


Please note this is a programme for staff at U21 universities and places on the course are by nomination only.  For further information, please contact: frankie.ring@universitas21.com