Communities of Practice

U21’s ‘Communities of Practice’ provide a route for staff within the U21 network to gain new professional perspectives, share ideas and resources and make important international links by connecting with their counterparts and peers from across the world operating in particular disciplines/areas of work.

Communities of Practice are self-managed, collaborative initiatives. U21 provides support in finding counterparts for any group across the network, but the success of the Community of Practice is dependent on the energy, engagement and commitment  that the members of the Community of Practice can put into it.

Successful Communities of Practice have a geographically diverse membership that reflects U21’s global reach and relevance, with as many U21 members as possible involved. Each group agrees a schedule of meetings, e.g. how many times a year they will meet and when. The organisation of meetings, taking of meeting notes etc., remains with the group themselves and U21  provides access to a shared platform to assist the group organise these meetings.

All Communities of Practice fall under the remit of the Provost of U21 who has oversight of all activity across all areas of the network.

  • Community Name Disabilities
    • Contact Name Dr Paul Harpur
    • Contact Uni Various U21 Universities
    • Contact email

    • Community Name Health Research Exchange
      • Contact Name Dr Negin Fouladi
      • Contact Uni Various U21 Universities
      • Contact email

    • Community Name International Dementia Network

    • Community Name Sport
      • Contact Name Shawn Burt
      • Contact Uni McMaster University
      • Contact email

    • Community Name Social Work
      • Contact Name Prof Robin Miller
      • Contact Uni University of Birmingham
      • Contact email

    • Community Name Sustainability
      • Contact Name Nadia D’Alton
      • Contact Uni University College Dublin
      • Contact email

    • Community Name FINE