U21 Award Winners 2023

The winners of the U21 Awards for 2023 were announced during our Annual Network Meeting in May 2023. Our winners were selected though by a panel of U21's own Senior Leaders as having made an outstanding contribution to internationalisation in global Higher Education.

For the first time, following feedback from our members, the U21 Leaders of the Future award also honoured two recipients - one a current student at a member institution, the other a recent graduate  - who are making an impact and leading change in their communities.

U21 Awards - 2023 Winners

ACFAM (African Caribbean Faculty Association of McMaster) - McMaster University, Canada

Dr. Miriam Moeller - University of Queensland, Australia

Leaders of the Future - 2023 Winners

Juan Ramon Lara Mora - Tecnólogio de Monterrey, Mexico

John Zimba - University of Glasgow, UK

About Our Winners


ACFAM, winners of the U21 Awards for 2023

Founded 12 years ago, ACFAM at McMaster University is an inclusive network including faculty members from across the African and Caribbean Diaspora. Recognising the under-representation of Black thought, research, and teaching at their institutions, they have since developed a wide programme of action, including the creation of a Black Student Success Centre offering wellness, scholarly and financial support in 2021.

The Association has addressed the vital importance of advancing equality in teaching and learning, developing the diversity of voices that the global higher education community needs, and becoming a hub for university partnerships and networks. Their track record of successful programmes and commitment to inclusion is highly deserving of celebration within the higher education world.

Dr. Miriam Moeller

Dr Miriam Moeller, winner of the U21 Awards 2023

As a researcher in the field of global mobility, Dr. Miriam Moeller is commended for her culture-specific approach to supporting students to seek an international education. Miriam has co-created and actively led the UQ Business School’s Rapid Acculturation Mateship Program supporting international students’ transition from abroad to local postgraduate study and life in Australia. Since 2014, approximately 2,650 students have benefited from her approach.  Through an unwavering focus on removing barriers and delivering authentic learning experiences, Dr. Moeller has been able to broaden the global horizons of many.

Juan Ramon Lara Mora

Juan Ramon Lara Mora, U21 Awards 2023

Juan is a current student at U21 member, Tecnólogio de Monterrey. As he studied, Juan realised that the benefits of quality education could be shared with those from underprivileged communities in Mexico. Building up a network of professionals from more than 100 different career paths, his social enterprise ‘Decidiendo un Futuro’ (Deciding a Future) helps young people to develop their career paths with the use of technology and specialist guidance. The commitment to others and vision shown at such a young age truly impressed U21’s judging panel, composed of Senior Leaders from member institutions.

John Zimba

John Zimba, U21 Awards

Founder of the Chiparamba Trust, John has been leading change in Zambia within the field of Education, breaking down barriers for marginalised young people and women in rural areas with no access to education. Awarded a Chevening Scholarship to complete the MSc Young People, Social Inclusion and Change at the University of Glasgow in 2016, John has used the skills and knowledge gained through this programme to directly benefit young people in his home country of Zambia.

Drawing on networks created during his study to keep in contact with alumni and promote the concept of volunteerism amongst his network, John has shown substantial commitment to empowering others through education. Mechanisms developed by John’s work have now allowed over 5,000 children to benefit from an education.