Global Research Steering Group

The U21 Global Research Steering Group oversees activities related to research across the U21 network.

RE Steering Group

The Global Research Steering Group (GRSG) oversees research-related activities across the U21 network, one of the strategic areas in which U21 resources and impact are concentrated. It ensures the delivery of the overarching aims and strategic direction of the Global Research cluster. 

The Global Research Steering Group includes representatives from Research Leaders (RL), Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies (DDoGS) and the Research Collaboration Group (RCG). It is co-led by the Chairs of the Research Leaders and DDoGS groups and members represent the geographical spread of the U21 network.

The Steering Group supports the development of innovative international opportunities for emerging researchers at postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral levels as well as early and mid-career researchers. It also facilitates the development of international research collaboration, enhancing research impact and promoting best practice in research integrity across the network.

Current U21 research programmes and activities include the Three Minute Thesis competition, the Early Career Researcher Workshop, the Mid-Career Researcher Programme and the ARUA-U21 ECR Collaborative Awards. 

The GRSG's challenges and goals support and uphold the network's Strategic Vision. The group facilitates opportunities to develop and expand U21's researcher engagement activity in order to deliver on the following goals:   


  1. Develop and foster research communities focused on those at the beginning of their research careers, up to 8 years post PhD
  2. Facilitate the submission of more applications to fund international collaboration and mobility
  3. Maximise the potential for joint graduate study and skills development at all levels
  4. Investigate how to measure, collect and increase the impact of research across the network
  5. Inform, influence and promote good practice in Research Integrity
  6. Be at the cutting edge of the experience we offer our PhD students and early career researchers by sharing good practice and benchmarking activity 

Steering Group Co-Chairs:

Professor Pedro Bouchon (UC Chile)

Professor Jonathan Morris (UNSW)


Steering Group