Employability Group

A forum for the U21 careers and employability professionals to discuss issues of common interest and progress the global citizenship of U21 students.


The U21 Employability Group is a community of employability and careers professionals dedicated to enhancing students’ educational experience, specifically as it relates to the experiential learning process that enhances employability. We define employability as the holistic process of self-reflection, learning and development, and the translation of this into effective workplace practices. This includes, but is not limited to, work integrated learning, extracurricular experiential learning, career development learning, industry and employer expectations, and recruitment practices.

The purpose of the U21 Employability Group is to promote and enhance the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and professional development amongst employability and careers services across the U21 network. With members comprising Directors of Careers and Employability Services, the group will build a community of practice across the U21 network, undertaking collaborative projects to enhance the experiences of our students.

Chair of the Employability Group

Dr Dino Willox, University of Queensland

Key Contact


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    Universitas 21 Global Citizens is an online leadership development course for students, delivered by Common Purpose, a global not-for-profit organisation that specialises in Cross-Boundary Leadership, with 75 student spaces available per member institution.

    4 October - 22 October 2021
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    On 15 and 16 September U21 will host an Employability Group Open House to bring together leaders in employability across the U21 network. The one-hour session will focus on working with industry and community partners to create Work Integrated Learning opportunities and strategies and will feature insights from Prof Leeanne Pigott, Director of Work Integrated Learning, and James Meade, Head of Employability, from the University of New South Wales who have done a lot of work in this area in recent years. We will run the session twice to allow for global time zones. The sessions will allow colleagues from all 27 global U21 members to share their experiences, challenges and priorities in employability at the moment. 

    15 & 16 September

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