U21 Officers

U21 Officers play a very important role within the U21 Network, both for liaising with the U21 Secretariat, but also for communicating with staff within their own institutions. If you would like to find out more about how your institution engages within U21, or would like an overview of how you can get involved with U21 activities and opportunities, please do contact the U21 Officer at your institution. 


  • Students with new RISE logo

    RISE (Real Impact on Society and Environment) is U21’s international showcase of student achievement in sustainability and social innovation. The initiative is designed to accelerate the scale and impact of student-led projects by connecting them with a network of experts in academia and industry.

    The showcase exhibits all student projects in the RISE 2021/22 final that are seeking support from across the U21 network.

    April & May 2022

Institutional Contacts